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Who We Are

Sebastian and Matt met while studying at the University of Toronto. Upon completing their degrees they started a barnboard reclamation business. Sebastian’s innovative problem-solving and Matt’s meticulous attention to details in design and execution quickly shifted the company's focus to custom construction and renovation.  Channeling practical skills they learned from  numerous master craftsmen, Mifflin and Sallans  draw on a strong network of reliable, highly qualified trade specialists as well as their own skills.  Every aspect of each project is completed in a timely fashion with careful attention to both aesthetic effect and functional durability. Efficient form, effective function and stylistically pleasing results have become the defining trademark of a Mifflin and Sallans project as the company continues to grow and develop. 

Sebastian Sallans (Owner)


Pete MacGregor

  Skilled Tradesman 

Matt in Silo.jpg

Matthew Mifflin (Owner)

 CHILLI:  On-Site Supervisor


The right product  correctly installed

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How heartbreaking can it be to spend good money on excellent product only to have it installed incorrectly? Mifflin and Sallans actively engage with the producers and distributors of products they recommend to ensure their production knowledge is up-to-date and their  installation skills are brand-appropriate. 

Mifflin and Sallans: Recommended Installers 

Mifflin and Sallans: Recommended Installers 

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