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Mifflin and Sallans carefully research your expectations and provide realistic estimates with generous margins to ensure there are no surprises  in terms of final costs on completion date. 

 FAQ: What is the difference between a quote and an estimate


FAQ:  My neighbour was  given an estimate  by a contractor and then ended up paying almost twice as much as expected at the end of the project.  How does this happen? 


Underestimating costs is a mistake that M&S avoid by  doing detailed market research to ensure that our estimates are reasonable and realistic. A less expensive estimate might be attractive to a client but M&S do not believe it is fair to  create unreasonable expectations by underestimating the final bill. 

FAQ:  What do I get when I ask M&S for an estimate?  

Mifflin and Sallans begin by assesing what materials are needed for your project, then  contacting suppliers for cost quotes.  M&S uses only reliable suppliers who consistently deliver quality waranteed product for a competitive price on time and with industry support.   The next step is determining the different types of work that need to be done and contacting sub-trades  such as architects, electricians, plumbers who need to be brought in to complete the proejct. M&S accesses a network of reliable subtrades and specialists with proven track records of quality work completed in a timely fashion.  Finally M&S assess the amount of time required to realize each stage of your project to produce a reasonable time-line for completion and an overall labour cost estimate. 


 M&S offers  estimates that are realistic and competitive.  M&S estimates are designed to bring your project to it's conclusion with delight in the outcome and no surprises in terms of  final cost. 

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